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  Day Date Test-Paper Syllabus Free users Paid users
9 Saturday  23-Feb-19 Infections and antibiotics Full Portion from Physiology,Pharmacology and General Medicine No Yes
10 Saturday  02-Mar-19 Nervous and endocrine Full Portion from Physiology,Pharmacology and General Medicine No Yes
11 Saturday  09-Mar-19 CVS and Resp Full Portion from Physiology,Pharmacology and General Medicine Yes Yes
12 Saturday  16-Mar-19 GIT , Blood and Kidney Full Portion from Physiology,Pharmacology and General Medicine No Yes
13 Saturday  23-Mar-19 RECAP 1  PORTIONS DONE TILL NOW  No Yes
14 Saturday  30-Mar-19 Embryology , General histology , osteology , anatomy of the eye and brain and Cranial nerves  ( Revision with batch 2 ) Full Portion Yes Yes
15 Saturday  06-Apr-19 General anatomy ( Revision with batch 2 ) Full Portion No Yes
16 Saturday  13-Apr-19 Dental anatomy Full Portion No Yes
17 Saturday  20-Apr-19 Dental Histology  Full Portion No Yes
18 Saturday  27-Apr-19 Prostho CD and FPD Full Portion No Yes
19 Saturday  04-May-19 Prostho RPD Full Portion Yes Yes
20 Saturday  11-May-19 Dental materials Full Portion No Yes
21 Saturday  18-May-19 Conservative Full Portion Yes Yes
22 Saturday  25-May-19 Endodontics Full Portion No Yes
23 Saturday  01-Jun-19 RECAP 2  PORTIONS FROM RECAP 1 TILL NOW  No Yes
24 Saturday  08-Jun-19 Perio 1(Revision with batch 2) 1. Periodontium-Gingiva-Periodontal Ligament
Cementum and Bone
 2.Etiology of Periodontal Diseases
3.Dental Plaque and Microbiology
4.Dental Calculus
5.Smoking and Periodontal Diseases
6.Defence Mechanism Of Gingiva (GCF and Saliva)
7.Host Microbial Interaction
8.Periodontal Pathology
No Yes
25 Saturday  15-Jun-19 Perio 2 (Revision with batch 2) 1.Periodontal Abscess, Endo-Perio Lesions, Agressive Periodontitis AgP, Chronic Periodontitis, Perio-Pocket, TFO, Bone loss patterns
2.Diagnosis and Prognosis
Risk Assessment andPrognosis:
3.Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy
4.NSPT: Plaque control and Instruments
5.NSPT:Ultrasonics, Antimicrobials, Host Modulation agents etc
 6.Surgical Periodontal Therapy-Surgical Pocket Therapy
7.Periodontal Plastic Surgery
8.Furcation Classifications and Therapy
9. Evidence Based Decision Making
Yes Yes
26 Saturday  22-Jun-19 Biochemistry Full Portion No Yes
27 Saturday  29-Jun-19 Pedodontics Full Portion No Yes
28 Saturday  06-Jul-19 General Pathology Full Portion Yes Yes
29 Saturday  13-Jul-19 Radiology (Revision with batch 2) Full Portion No Yes
30 Saturday  20-Jul-19 Orthodontics Full Portion No Yes
31 Saturday  27-Jul-19 General Pharmacology General Pharmac ,  anaesthesia , anti cancer drugs , miscellaneous No Yes
32 Saturday  03-Aug-19 Oral pathology 1 (Revision with batch 2) Developmental disorders 
Benign and malignant disorders
cysts and tumors of odontogenic origin
diseases of the salivary glands
bacterial , viral and fungal infections
dental caries , diseases of pulp and periodontium

Yes no
33 Saturday  10-Aug-19 Oral pathology 2 (Revision with batch 2) Disease of the bones and joints
diseases of the skin
diseases of the blood
diseases of nerves and muscles
oral aspects of metabolic disease
allergic and immunologic disorders
injuries and repair
Forensic Odontology
No No
34 Saturday  17-Aug-19 Oral surgery 1 general and local anesthesia, Nerve blocks and techniques , medical emergencies, Trauma  No Yes
35 Saturday  24-Aug-19 Oral surgery 2 Surgical principles and instruments , infection control , TMJ , Maxillary sinus , Salivary glands , preprosthetic and orthognatic surgery , Surgical aspects of Infections , tumors , Nerve disorders  Yes Yes
36 Saturday  31-Aug-19 BREAK
37 Saturday  07-Sep-19 Microbiology 1 General Microbiology including immunity No Yes
38 Saturday  14-Sep-19 Microbiology 2 Bacteriology, mycology, viruses (including oral and periodontal) Yes Yes
39 Saturday  21-Sep-19 Community dentistry  Full portion   No Yes
40 Saturday  28-Sep-19 General Surgery Full Portion  Yes Yes
41 Saturday  05-Oct-19 Infections and antibiotics (Revision with batch 2) Full Portion from Physiology,Pharmacology and General Medicine No Yes
42 Saturday  12-Oct-19 Nervous and endocrine (Revision with batch 2) Full Portion from Physiology,Pharmacology and General Medicine Yes Yes
43 Saturday  19-Oct-19 CVS and Resp (Revision with batch 2) Full Portion from Physiology,Pharmacology and General Medicine No Yes
44 Saturday  26-Oct-19 GIT , Blood and Kidney (Revision with batch 2) Full Portion from Physiology,Pharmacology and General Medicine No Yes
    REVISION SERIES 2019-20  BATCH 1 & 2           
1 Saturday 05-Oct-19 General anatomy , histology , embryology , osteology    Yes Yes
2 Wednesday 09-Oct-19 Dental Anatomy & Dental histology    No Yes
3 Saturday 12-Oct-19 AIIMS Mock Test N1   No Yes
4 Wednesday 16-Oct-19 Physiology and Biochemistry   Yes Yes
5 Saturday 19-Oct-19 AIIMS Mock Test N2 
  No Yes
6 Wednesday 23-Oct-19 Pharmacology and General medicine   No Yes
7 Saturday 26-Oct-19 Neet mock 1   Yes Yes
8 Wednesday 30-Oct-19 Microbiology and General Pathology   No Yes
9 Saturday 02-Nov-19 Neet mock 2   No Yes
10 Wednesday 06-Nov-19 Dental Materials and general Surgery   No Yes
11 Saturday 09-Nov-19 Neet mock 3   No Yes
12 Wednesday 13-Nov-19 oral pathology, oral medicine and radiology    No Yes
13 Saturday 16-Nov-19 Neet mock 4   No Yes
14 Wednesday 20-Nov-19 Conservative dentistry and endodontics   No Yes
15 Saturday 23-Nov-19 Neet mock 5      
16 Wednesday 27-Nov-19 oral Surgery   No Yes
17 Saturday 30-Nov-19 Neet mock 6   No Yes
18 Wednesday 04-Dec-19 Prosthodontics   No Yes
19 Saturday 07-Dec-19 Neet mock 7   No Yes
20 Wednesday 11-Dec-19 orthodontics and pedodontics   No Yes
21 Saturday 14-Dec-19 Neet mock 8   No Yes
22 Wednesday 18-Dec-19 community dentistry and periodontics   Yes Yes
23 Saturday 21-Dec-19 Neet mock 9   No Yes
24 Wednesday 25-Dec-19 Doubt solving session    No Yes