perio test paper doubts @pitambra

perio test paper doubts @pitambra

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good evening mam :)

here I have some doubts in the following paper
.melanin granules are contained within
A: Melanocytes

B: premelanosomes

C: melanosomes
D: melanophores
1. q no 12, the ans acc to Carranza 10 th edition should be premelanosomes, but test paper ans key says it as d

It shud be a only
melanocytes contain melanin granules called premalonosomes which form melanin
the ques here is melanin granules are contained in? they are contained in melanocytes
the prevalence of gingivitis is highest in
A: prepubertal children

B: adoloscents

C: adults

D: geriatrics
2. q no 29, the ans as per the classification should be pre pubertal, but test key says adoloscents

shud be prepubertal
6 to 7 years
acc to mcdonalds

will make changes

,average width of the pdl is documented as
A: 2 mm

B: 3 mm

C: 1 mm

D: 0.12 mm3.
q no 41, the ans acc to Carranza 10th edition should be 0.2 mm, so nearest to this is 0.12 given in the option , test key says, a as ans

acc to ten cate
average is 0.21mm
11 to 16 yrs: 0, 18..
52 to 67 yrs: 0.15 mm

yes nearest is d
ans will be changed

the axis of rotation in a mutirooted tooth is located
A: in the area between the apical third and the middle third of the root

B: in the furcation of the roots

C: located in the bone between the roots

D: multirooted teeth do not have an axis of rotation
4. q no 43,i have a doubt between b n c, as I thought they both mean the same

yes almost same
but acc to books its b... the words says furcation
so go with it

60.Which of the following hematological disease is associated with periodontal disease?

B: Hypophosphatesia

C: Wegeners granulomatosis

D: Histocytosis
5. q no 60, ans to this ques in pulse is aida i.e option a, but test key says it as b

its a
will make changes
already answered

113.A thin bluish Line around the gingival margin is due to the absorption of
A: Silver

B: Mercury

C: Drugs Like tetracycline

D: Lead

7. q no 113, I am very confused in this ques, as sometimes it given mercury as ans, n somewhere its given lead, and acc to keynotes its mercury, but in test ans key it is lead :(

its cause by both
choose lead if its both
Burtonian line, also known as lead line is a clinical manifestation of chronic lead poisoning
It is a stippled blue line seen in 50-70% of patients with chronic lead poisoning
It is manifested as a bluish black line due to epidermal deposition of lead sulphate at the junction of the gums with the teeth (not seen on the teeth)
Similar pigmented lines are seen in poisoning with mercury, copper, silver, bismuth and iron poisoning

149. Mouthwash used in ANUG is
A: Chlorhexidine

B: Normal saline

C: Hydrogen peroxide

D: Stannous fluoride8. q no 149, as per the keynotes n recorded video it should be h202, but ans key its given chx, a as ans

CHX cannot remove that pseudomembrame of ANUG
WILL make changes

165.Eluanin fibers are seen in
A: Gingiva

B: Cementum

C: Alveolar bone

D: Periodontal ligaments
9. q no 165, as per Carranza 10th edi, it is eluanin fibers are seen in gingiva also

yes, but its majorly in pdl

194. radiographic survey of the periodontitis patient should consist of minimum
A: 12 periapical and 4 posterior bitewing

B: 14 periapical and 4 posterior bitewing

C: 16 periapical and 6 posterior bitewing

D: 14 periapical and 6 posterior bitewing
10. q no 194, as per keynotes ans should be b, but ans key says as a.

its b
ans will be changed

let me know where it is dear...which paper test paper 1 or 2, unit test 1 or 2 or 3 and ans will be changed

i wasnt able to find it
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