Set your Timetable for the last minute prep !

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Set your Timetable for the last minute prep !

Postby drbhavana » Thu Nov 29, 2012 5:05 pm

Hi Aimmds students ,
With one month left for the exam , you need to be focused and all prepped for the "D" day . To help you with it I have posted below a time table that should divide your days for each subject .

How to Divide my study hours ?
Dedicate the first 2 - 3 hours of your day for a paper ( AIPG / AIIMS )
Follow it up with individual subject preparation as per mentioned below .
Now the question arises how many books to do and to read explanations ?
Well I personally feel you should skip explanations of questions that you are already familiar with ( this is where marking helps ).
Now is the time to master what you already know so read points that you have written , tables made and diagrams drawn .
Time for subject wise prep should be 6 - 7 hours .
Then do paper ( Comed , state wise paper / NBDE ) before going to bed .
Again read explanation only for topics u dont know . so doing just question and answer key should not take more than 2 hours for any paper .
Remember Repetition is the key . ;) So Revise ! Revise ! Revise !
These are the things to concentrate on which needs repeated revision : Values , numericals , Names , Syndromes , Important tables , classification [I know that summarizes all ;) ]

Notice in the time table there are buffer days ; this is to make up for subjects you have not been able to complete in previous days . Use these days the best .
If you have completed your subjects in the alloted time then use the buffer days for old papers and NBDE .

Do as many papers as you can to help your Brain recollect the points .
Most importantly , Dont stress yourself :shock: !!!! Enjoy the Reading . :P
Be confident and all the effort is absolutely worth it

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Time table for the crunch :)
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