hi friends due to your request i posted few aiims may 2013

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hi friends due to your request i posted few aiims may 2013

Postby dr.raman » Tue Oct 01, 2013 9:21 pm

friend i give mcq and thease ans which i remmber in aiims may exam time. if any mistake plz clr so it become great helpful in aiims nov 2013 exam. :)
1 Epidural haematoma a) middle menigial
2 cavernous sinus thrombosis b) pteygoid plexus
3 facial nerve supply all except a) ant. Belly of diagastric
4 danger area of scalp b) loose cont. tissue
5 muscle for mand. Opening c) lat.pterigoid
6 taste sensation not carried byc) vagus
7 paracetamol false is b) asymptomatic for longer than 24-30 hours
8 priority in hospital in road accident a) severe bleeding from frctured leg
9 incr. incisal angle d) class 2 div 2
10 cleft lip d) cross bite
11 appliance for retention of midline diastema d) lingually bonded retainers
12 for extraction of class 2 div1 of 14 years boys b) ashley howe analysis
13 pendulum appliance d)250 gram
14 max. lip thickness in male c) 16 years
15 initial tmj click 2) retruded condylein in relation to disc
16 moyers d) retroganthic max/retrognathic
17 colloum angle b) class 2 div.2
18 gjessings canine retractor c) tma b) .016*.022 s.s wires
19 caries activity test acc. Aapd except c) enamel hypoplasia
20 calculating space all except 3) predictive tables for all population
21 not of any clinical significance c) pemolar earlier than molar
22 calcification of primary tooth after tooth eription due to saliva b) 2 years
23 atracaine d) half life 90 mminute
24 c wave c) rapid ventricular filling
25 midazolam over diazepam a) low water solubility26 metallic taste d) tin hydroxide
27 prenatal fluoride except C) higher concentration on featus than consumed
28 28 years female recurrent abortion bleeding from jpints a) factor 13
29 60 yaesr female renal failure, renal biopsy shows onion skin appearnceD) hyaline degenration a) throbotic obliteration
30 32 years women left supra clavicular lymph node biopsy shows “ owl-eye” appearance cd 15 and cd30 a) reactive lymphocitic lymphoma b) anaphylactic large cell lymphoma c) modula hodgkins lymphoma d) lymphogranulomatus hodgkins lymphoma
31 72 years male biopsy of right tremporal artery a) acute organising abscess b) granulomatous inflammatory giant cell c) luminal inflwm. D) aneurysm with inflam.
32 4 years girl with 5 days viral fever a ) max. angio steothasis b) ring granuloma c) cultizonal haemorrhagic fever d) Non alcoholic steothasis

33 anti cholinergic drug which don’t pss through placental and blood brain barrier a) atropine b) glycopyyrolate bromide b) hygosice bromide c) hygosine butyl bromide
34 all happens in tfo except b) dentinal sensitivity
35 lithium should stop after skeletal muscle relaxant a) 1 hr b) 2 hr c) 3 hr d) 4 hr
36 half life of suxamethonium a) 6 month b) 1 year c) 2 year d) 3 year
37 malignat hyperpyrexia a) thiopentondangerous area of scalp-loose areolar tissue
dosage of cis atracurium-0.15 , 2
biopsy from temporal art???- granulomatous tissue with giant cells
synd with 45 chromosomes- turner synd

characteristic feaure of mandibulofacial dysostosis- normal vision with colomba

tetracycline avoided--below 8y

diagnodent based on--laser

pulse oximetry--beer's law

malignant hpothermia caused by---suxamethonium

lithium should be stopped before surgery--3days

dosage of tetracycline causing staining--20mg/kg

repair of cleft lip--3 m0nths

cohesion of gold foils doesnt cross BBB--glycopyrrolate

impression material for bite marks--silicone putty

dia of soft bristles--0.007"

koch's postulates modified by ----socransky

12 y boy with C1div1 mal , decision of extaction or nonextraction-----ashley howe analysis

tongue is not supplied by--V

circumvallate papillae supplied by - ---IX ;) thank you friend i work alot of in remmber thease mcq. so we make benifit this :P
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