hi friends this is neet 2013 exam paper

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hi friends this is neet 2013 exam paper

Postby dr.raman » Tue Oct 01, 2013 10:19 pm

8-) when i give neet exam i note of neet exam 2013 paper.friends one thing impotant bcoz i konw some pepole say dr gyandred atresh sir not publish neet 2013 exam paper in explore. so i collect maximum neet 2013 exam paper it is very important for aipg 2014 exam and aiims nov 2013 exam. i think 137 mcq repeate from preivous dental paper like mudit khana 2007, amit aashis one thing important friends cover all subject bcoz mcq ask anywhere like ortopadic gs radiology anashesia psm gm forencic skin peditaic thease are very impotant subject i left good rank neet 2013exam and aiims 2013 may exam bcoz i make mistake in this paper.so friends revise amit aashis and mudit khana till aipg 2014 , especically nbde clinical proshto , dental pulse clinical , pgi ,aiims.aipg paper friends these paper is very important for aiims and aipg exam.so cover all mcq.i think i give alot of thing so start neet 2013 exam paper. : :shock: DENTAL NEET PG 2013 discussion
1. Two teeth apper to be fused clinically but fusion is only by cementum CONCRESENCE
2. Amelogenesis Imperfecta is due to defect in ECTODERM

-vertical condensation,
-guttaperch max. content- zno
-h-file use-
-min thickness of dentine- 2.0mm
-prosthetic cardiac valve-endocarditis
-mscl of mastication whch cartilage

parotid gland-pleomorphic carcinoma,
-fluoride excretion
- nephrotic syndrome
-progressive malocclusion- clasr3
-digital dextran
-acetyl co-A
-catlans app.- ant. crossbite
-carotid body
-carotid sheath
-internal resorption
-aspirin causes BT increase
-carcinoma of long bone
- ameloblastoma treatment
-1st gen. cephalosporin
-autoclave- thermophillus
-sterilization def.
-fracture of crown including dentin -treatment

cranial nerve does not carry proprioception... CRANIAL ACCESSORY or FACIAL...???
All forms extinsic membrane of larynx except...????
Implantation to uterine walls occurs in ------??
Which factor is present on both serum and plasma?
Which factor is administered in intracerebral hemorrhage?

-gypsum temp >700°C
-cold mould seal
-warm 50% Hcl
-niti wire
-tma wire
-silver cone
-anti flux-graphite
-flux function-removes oxide layer
-down syndrme- trisomy 21
-generalized weakness due to except
-reedsternberg cells- hodgkins lymphoma
-claw like hand
-curv of spee?
- heart disorders related to aids
-bence-jones protein
-hydrodynamic theory
-aggressive cyst- dentigerous cyst
-oral cancer due to tobacco- squamous cell carcinoma
-maxillary cd fracture cause
-neonatal teeth
-vit. nt essential for teeth development- vit-e
-sickke cell
-brown tumour-hyperparathyroidism verucous carcinoma treatment?

--vit E not involved in tooth dev.
--umblical stmp bleeding- def of factor XIII
--disposal of mercury- collect n recycle

-diabetes test
-tinel's signs
-type of wax?
-mandibular angle?
-ethmoid sinus supplied by?
-2% lidocaine with adrenaline causes- hypotension,hypertension, tachycardia, bradycardia?
- Anaphylaxis- Adrenaline

-- pt with gum hypertrophy- Acute myelomonocytic leukemia
-- Factor present both in plasma and serum- factor VII

-- most of the part of oral cavity is derived from- Endoderm,ectoderm???

-- classical treatment of unilocular ameloblastoma
-- Graft for alveolus in a child pt- post illiac crest

-- speed of films recommended in I/O radiography-D&E

--strptococcus produce caries-coz they produce extacellular polysaccharide

--in simple random sampling- each unit has equal chance of getting selected

-- Double blind studies

-- test of significance to compare means when sample is small n units are independent- unpaird t test

# prions
#not a mediator of inflammn
#most common mal tumor of parotid- mec
# not an intrinsic muscle of eye
#not seen in 3rd CN palsy
#main adv of ZnPO4 over GIC
#GERD cause
#chin def., steep mandible angle, chin button less prominent
# Internal resorption filling with
#Fibre optic intubation not indicated

incidence rate prevalance
crude birth rate Vitamin A supplements is what level of prevention
causes of hypodontia? Papillon lefevre?
Turners syndrome? 45 X
antiplatelet drug
LA not crossing placent ? Bupivacaine/chloroprocaine
(hardly any perio questions )

2% Naf Conc. in Apf gel- 1.23
-1Q. on heparin
-antimigrain drug?
-drug dosage in children-WEIGHT is more imp.
-LA excretion via?
-All are Beta -lactam antibiotics except-Sulphonamide
-anti TB drugs Ethionamide??
-Amoxy+clav- synergism
-dissociative anaesthesia- Ketamine
-A Q. on hemophilia in which all her daughter wil be career??
-sterilization definination- Option-A- ??
-arch appliance for a tongue tie pt.- lingual?sublingual?
-max. ant. teeth in cd, difficulty in pronouncing 'f' sound..
-burning sansation in ant. third of palate-inadequate relief of incisive papilla
-bone formation affected during deficiency of vit-c-
-the virus not known to cause oral cancer in childrens- herpes simplex, zoster, cytomegalovirus??
-which ally cant be soldered and wired? niti?, tma?, stainless steel?
-sterling silver
-type of wax during trial-cold working is done to increase- hardness and strength
-working time of gypsum can be increase by- increase in w/p ratio ?
-stainless steel is resistent to corrosion due to- Chromium oxide layer
-pickling- 50% hcl
-1 Q on obesity
-in iron deficiency anemia- total iron binding capacity increases
-more caries prone area- occlusal? proximal?
-pit and fissure sealant- low consistency?
-type of hypoxia in whch tissue are incapable of taking oxygen?

=more caries prone area - interproximal
=patient with h/o draining sinus on the angle of mandible and granules in pus - actinomycosis
= child with h/o trauma on max. teeth and resultant swelling and infection- turner's hypoplasia
= microvilli increase- surface area
= claw hands- ulnar nerve-cold bend test used for---?
-excess of eugenol causes---?
-drug causing epilepsy are all except----?
- danger space in head and neck region---?
- patient with sickle cell trait require surgery avoid which technique for injection---supra/infra/axillary......?

36 yr old female h/o constipation and on and off lower abdominal pain since 5 yrs probable diagnosisi is....?
-lingual surface of mandibular CD is convex/concave/flat...?

d patient returns after 3 months with problems on gagging treatment involves- prescribe medicines/ remove all biological& mech cause of gaggin/ pscychological treatment/ any of ther above combination?

cd pt returns correct occlusion remount old cast on new interocllusal records sunthing like this cant recall exact question

which of the following blood can d dontatd to AB -ve pt. a. O-ve b. A+ve c. B+ve d.

IG in type delayed reaction

buccal cheek bite in CD is due to

facial profile of thumb cramming pt is
a. convex b. concave

common CN to b injured
a. facial b. trig c. glosoph
HbA1C test is for...??

when vertical dimension is more in CD which of the following is true
a. ang of mouth drops b. loss of nasolabial fold(or something like that)

pt is under b blocker which of the following drug is not to b used

drug efficiency btw drug A and B

a. half life s 90min

father is haemophiliac
a. daughters are carriers
b. brothers children are haemophiliac(not sure of this option)

pt with Hb 6% should not be admi with
a. frozen bld plasma
b. platelet extrac
c. clottin fact

vasodialation in inflammatin is due to
a. histamine

noxious pain without touch is called as
a. hyperparastesia
b. anasthesia mode is

all are features on nephrotic sy except
a. haematurea b. glucosurea

some thing rega. lip ca treatment

infection extends from facial vein cos
a. facial vein has no valves
b. it joins external ju vein

func of ZNOE in sealer

main compositin of sealer

contamination of acid etching
a. acid etch again for 10sec
b. wash it with water

composit restoration for canine

man major connector uesd in tongue tie patients

dev cysts are causede due to
a. entrapmnt of linign ept durin dev. b.minents of ectoderm
c. endo derm

root frature
a. try save the pulp till root formation is complete
b. CaOH therapy

on purcussin metalic sound
a. lateral luxatin
b. subluxation

avulsed tooth, mode of treatment

Q.- All of the following carry proprioception frm head and neck except-(neet mds 2013, Aiims mds 2009)
A. facial n
B. Trigeminal n
C. Glossopharyngeal nerveD. Cranial accessory n

Correct Ans is- D
Ref. UAMSteeth of right and left side differ in root form shape size and crown.condition?
hemifacial atrophy
crouzon syn

muscle weakness

cold mold seal--sodium alginate

which is used in pickling--50% HCl

which cannnot b welded-niti wire

silver cone used --where periapical surgery is anticipated

down syndrome ques asked was all except--ans deletion 21

generalised weakness d/t all except--hypophoshatasia

not a heart related disorder in aids-anuerysym

sickle cell pt all used except--regional block(first option)
.Headstrom file use-
a) To create a circular canal
b) post space
c) tapered apical end ?
d) ?

2.Bleaching of a tooth with a tooth coloured restoration-
a)Decay of margin and deterioration of restn
b)no effect

3.Handpiece oil contaminates the etched surface, what will be the next procedure ?
a)Continue the restn
b)wash, re etch, restore
c)Wash with sterile water
d) ?

4.Fracture of a tooth with Dentin involved.What is the immediate treatment ?
a)Protect the pulp
b)Pin retained restn
c)composite restn
d) ? 4.Fracture of a tooth with Dentin involved.What is the immediate treatment ?
a)Protect the pulp
b)Pin retained restn
c)composite restn
d) ?

5. Treatment for severe anaphylaxis ?
d) ?

The language used in the above questions is not accurate

Q- Most freequent cause of GERD is-- Transient LES relaxation

Q- One question on Contraction of Methyl methacrylate

Q- Sensory supply to nasal cavity is by- Trigeminal???

Q- Among the cranial nerves which supplies muscles which is most freequently damaged- Trigeminal,facial,glossopharyngeal,occulomotor????

primary defect of bone in scurvy id due to-
dec mineralisatn
dec osteoid matrix formation@@@@@@@@@@@@
inc bone resorption
dec bone mass n normal mineralisation

after moderate excersice bld flw to brain-
remains same@@@@@@@@@@

t/t or unilocular ameloblastoma-
enbloc resectn
enucleat n cryotherapy
rescetn wid 1cm margin

progressive malocclusion-
class 3@@@@@@@@@@
class 1 n 3 mixd

amox+clav acid is -
which of the following wax is used in india in summer for teeth arrangement
type1@@@@@(coz flow s less)
base plate

####max flow of type 1 wax at 37degree c is 1%

which is not a B lactamase-

while giving nsaids to child most imp is-
weight @@@@
nature of drug
chronicity of pain

least imp in demonstraing a pt in syncope is-
PET scan@@@@@table tilt
holner monitering

max friction in orthodontic bracketMA

intraleigamentary injectn of LA+adr cause bld suppy to plup

optimum remaining thickness of dentin for restoratn to cause minimal pulp damage
1.5 mm

most imp of iirigation material is-
voulme of irrigant@@@@@@@@- digital radiography differs from conventional in-
A. X-rays not used
B. Rays other than X-rays are used
C. Radiation receptors are different
D. No hard copy is formed
Correct Ans is- c
Ref.- Haring and Jansen Dental Radiology,2nd ed.

Q. A pt is involved in ch. thumb suking habit,the clinical exam of a pt reveal-

Ans. - convex profile and long arches

Ref.- Bhalaji 3rd edi. pg 99

Q-fishman index tells-
stages of anasthesia
complexity of anasthesia

Q- function of microvilli- to increase surface area

Q-Absorption of fluoride in child takes place mainly in- Intestine

Ref-soben peter 3rd ed. pg 278-279

Q- A pt. with poor neuromuscular control presents with occlusal prematurities. occlusion can be corrected by-
Ans.- Take interocclusal record and correct on articulator
Ref.- Winkler 2nd ed. pg 319-320

Q- Cross resistance of isoniazid is seen with-
A- rifampicin
B- ethionamide
C- cycloserine
D- ethambutol

Correct Ans. is- B- Ethionamide
Ref- Goodman and Gilman 11th Ed. pg 1212

Q- Not true about penicillin -G
A-destroyed by gastric juice
B- very active against sensitive gram +ve cocci
C-used for treatment of meningococcal meningitis
D- more concentrated in prostatic secretions and intraocular fluid

Correct Ans. is- D
Ref- K.D. Tripathi 5th ed. pg 654

Q- Percentage of 2% NaF in APF solution is-
A- 2%
B- 1.23%
C- 3%
D- 8%
Correct Ans is- A -2%
Soben Peter 2nd ed pg 313throat pack-
1.shud b removed before extubation
of trachea
2-wel tolrated by awake patient
3-shud b used even aftr surgry
4-not required in cuffed tubes

-in nephrotic syndrome.....which is
not dere A)generalized edema

-the term used for d condition in
which dere's interference of oxygen
in lungs..a)anoxemia
c)anoxic anoxia

-free eugenol in sealers cn
b -hardness dimensional
stability ............
d-increased setting

-if der is co-relation btwn two
variables.....hw to measure value of
the one.......
a-co-efficient of
b-chi-square test c.k..test

-teeth which get displaced most in
arch length discrepancy
a-.mandi sec premolar@@@@@

-maxm surface friction is in TMA
But in aiims ,quesn was maxm
critical surface tension wid wch
ortho bracket, ceramic/ stainless
steel/ ni ti

Intracerebral hemorrhage treated by ?

a.factor II
b.factor III
c. factor VII
d.factor VIII

myeloperoxodase nt mediator of inflamatn
levato palpebrae
modulus of elasticityTwo teeth apper to be fused clinically but fusion is only by
ans. CONCRESENCE@@@@@@

2. Amelogenesis Imperfecta is due defect in ectoderm@@@@@@

3-sealer max. content- zno

4-h-file use-flare of canal@@@@@@

5-min thickness of dentine- 2.0mm

6-prosthetic cardiac valve- profylactic antibiotics...

7-mscl of mastication???
first branchial arch

8-parotid gland malignant tumor--
9-fluoride excretion--- kidney
10- nephrotic syndrome...hematuria
11- least sensitive to sterilizatn...@@@prions@@@@

12-progressive malocclusion- clasr3

13-adv. of digital radiography over cnventional xray...
14-strepto sp. attached to teeth more dan other bcoz they produce xxtracellular polysacch...dextran@@@@

15-acetyl co-A???ans is glucose@@@@

16-catlans app.- ant. crossbite@@@@

17-carotid body?ans is pO2in arterial blood@@@@

18-aspirin causes BT increase

19-carcinoma of long bone????
ans is CHONDROBLASTOMA.....@@@

20-penicillin..NOT TRUE..
Ans is inc. conc. in prostate n occular fluid...@@@@

21- is not beta-lectam????
ans is sulphonamide.....

ans is b.sterothermophillus@@@@

23-roots of two teeth r connected thru cementum????
ans z concresence..
24- factor present in both plasma n serum???
ans z factor 7.

25-implantation of zygote in uterus???
ans z 28days

26- conc of flufide in apf gel
ans z 1.23%

27- etching contaminated by handpiece oil?????
ans iz wash n re-etch....@@@

28- t/t for gagging in denture wearer ???
ans z removal of biological n mechanical hinderances..

29- fishmann index????
ans z Skeletal maturation@@@@@

30- vertical facial height measured thru WILL's gauge@@@@@@@@
steep mandible plane angle, reduced chin button, chin def condition is
A true md retrognahia
B apparant md retrognathia>>>>>>

shortest half life/ shortest acting
A morphine
B remifentanyl>>>>>>
C Fentanyl
D sulfentanyl

beta blockers not use with
A Fentanyl
B atracurium>>>>>>>
C morphine
D pethidine

intraligamentary injections
A No effect on bd supply of pulp>>>>>>
B bd supply decreases
C bd supply increases

hydrodynamic theory
A fluid activates free nerve ending near pulp>>>>>>
B death of odontoblasts
C Odontoblasts migrates deep
infants normal jaw relation which is self corrected in later life
A mx prognathic>>>>>>
B md prognathic
C mx retrognathic
D both jaw in same planesteep mandible plane angle, reduced chin button, chin def condition is
A true md retrognahia
B apparant md retrognathia>>>>>>

intraligamentary injections
A No effect on bd supply of pulp>>>>>>
B bd supply decreases
C bd supply increases

dental plaster working time is manipulated by
A w/p ratio>>>>>>>>>>>
B Use of hot water
C gypsum particles mix
D Mixing time

internal resorption without perforation is filled by
A zoe
B amalgam
D All>>>>>>>>

CI resorption start at what age
A 4 year
B 5 year>>>>>>

not supplied by ant division of md nerve
A medial pterygoid>>>>>> b.lateral pterygoidpterygoid
C Masseter
D temporalis

stem cell differ from progenitor cell
A Can produce many type of cells>>>>>>

hypontia seen in a/e
A ectodermal dysplasia
B Papillon leffer syndrome - early exfoliation less teeth
C Cleidocranial dysplasia -supernumerary teeth>>>>>>>

aiims nov 2012 -there asked
hypodontia present in
A ectodermal dysplasia>>>>
B gardner syndrome

band fixed with what to prevent decalcification
A GIC>>>>>>>
B silicates :) friends these are neet 2013 mcq.good night friends
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