hi sijin this is pgi june 2013 exam paper

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hi sijin this is pgi june 2013 exam paper

Postby dr.raman » Wed Oct 02, 2013 9:55 pm

hi sijin due to your requested i posted pgi june 2013 dental exam paper. :) PGI DENTAL JUNE
1-Fear of closed spaces such as “dental clinic”-----clostrophobia.
2-form and function concept given originally by –vander klaws,Melvin moss.
3-front and backward concept given by –bjork,profit.
4-c-shaped morphology seen in------max 1st premolar,mand 1st premolar,max 1st molar,mand 1st molar
5-pneumatic bone is ------------------maxilla ,mandible.
6-enzyme helps to pevent adhesion ofactinobacillus ---------myeloperoxidase.
7-lethal to actinobacillus -------------------------s.sanguis.
8-thermal test indicates ---------pulpal inflammation.
9-interpositional gap arthroplasty material not used -----buccal pad fat, auricular cartilage,abdominal fat,temporal muscle.
10-after trauma or surgery low nitrogen balance seen in ---catabolic phase,anabolic phase.
11-after major surgery all of the following observed except ---- hyperphagia,tachyapnea,low nitrogen balance.
12-most sensitive fluoride index-----deans fluoride index,thyryle srip index.
13-inverted y shaped radiopacityseen in –max. post., max. ant, mand. Post, mand.ant.
14-fresh film developed in protected manner will appear as -----clear and blue tint.
15-cvek pulpotomy ---------partial pulpotomy
16-stainless steel crown preparation least reduction in ----------lingual
17-experiment gingivitis introduced by----loe & sillness,sockransky,loesche.
18-positioner retainer used in ------esthetic requirement,gingival hyperplasia,minimum distance moved.
19-in mandibular dysfunction which of the following is not the cardinal symptom.------headache.
20-myossitis ossifican seen in ----masseter.
21-multipennate muscle is –rectus femoris ,masseter.
22-mandibular core wrt ant.cranial base -------total rotation.
23-in gingival bleeding index bleeding seen after probing in--------10 sec,20 sec.,30 sec,5 sec.
24-ohi- score index how many scores----0-3,0-6,0-12.
25-most common fluoride salt in dentrifices --------sodium mono fluoro phosphate
26-palatal displacement of canine seen in -----mild crowding,moderate crowding,severe crowding.
27-anticariogenic is-----carrot.
28-if sealant is protruded through apex ---irritate the tissue and used up by macrophages.
29-spreader reaches till ----1mm of apex,0.5 mm of apex.
30-apex locator ‘o’ level ---0.5 to 1mm.
31-cpitn index how many teeth are examined------6,12,10.
32-most common missing teeth ---------mandibular 2nd premolar.
33-number of iopa needed for full mouth radiographs--------12,8,32.
34-distraction osteogenesis what is true------is done after the growth is completed, distraction histogenesis synonym,soft tissue is not affected.
35-andreasson and Hillman discovered------nitinol,Chinese niti,santalloy,tma.
36-champy’s osteosynthesis is done which is true----condyle fracture single plate,double plate,angle fracture single plate.
37-zygomatic fracture is palpated as-----intaorally at zygomatico maxillary suture.
38-treatment for sagittaly split condylar fracture----imf for 2 weeks& elastic physiotherapy.
39-mandibular ant region calculus is mainly composed of -----brushite,octacalcium phosphate,magnesium whitlokite,hydroxyappitate.
40-primary palatle closure in cleft palate --<2 yrs.
41-e.feacalis is totally eliminated from root canal by----5.25% naocl,ca(oh)2 ,2% chlorhexidine.
42-obturator prosthesis in complete edentulous patient ---monoplane occlusion,lingualised .
43-most stable instrument during scaling –sickle scaler,chisel,hoe .
44-furcation area is curettage by ---after five,mini five.
45-cul-de-sac---------grade 2 furcation involvement.
46-which of the following is applied in all of the three epidemiological triad------def,socioeconomical status,diphtheria
47-which of the following is used to etch the porcelain-9.6% HF.
48-in hemimandibulectomy most ideal method to record vertical dimension-----previous photograph,rest position,
49-non-caloric sweetener ------aspartame and mannitol.
50-if >50% phosphateacid is used as etchant-------monocalcium monophosphate.
51-time taken by cad-cam machine to make inlay from block---5min,20min,60 min,30min.
52-absorbable suture synthetic-----vicryl,pvc.
53-custom tray impression material.
54-occlussion preparation for gold how much thickness--------1.5mm,2mm.
55-pin used in dentin------2mm.
56-metal thermal coefficient what is not observed.
57-in superior orbital syndromewhich is not seen----blindness.
58-ludwings angina which is not observed.-----lymphatic spread,unilaterally swelling
59-brain tumor what is to be done------hyperthyroidectomy.
60-osseouss haemangioma -------surgery should be avoided.
61-bur size used for mild flare in gates gliden-------1-3,5-6.
62-average enamel loss from surface during etching ------3-5um,15-20um,20-25um.
63-in anaphylactic reaction which of the following not given----blood transfusion.
64-heck’s disease -----focal epidermal hyperplasia.
65-osteopetrosis----marble bone disease,alberschnoberg disease or both.
66-cystic fibrosis-----discoloration of enamel &fluoride systemic consumption.
67-in gestation lungs development affected by-------surfactant,amniotic fluid,epinephrine.
68-regeneration power is maximum in-----liver,muscle,kidney.
69-radicular cyst ------inflammatory in origin,
70-on community level undiagnosed case for referral termed as------primary,secondary,tertiaryprevention.
71-crown seating discrepancy—100um,200um,300um,400um.
72-cementation procedure for cementing crown-------full cement so that air bubble not entrapped.
73-tetanus includes all except-----coagulopathy.
74-ptylasim seen in-mercury intoxication,lead intoxication
75-premalignant condition all except –leukoplakia,erythroplakia,pemphigus,lichen planus.
76-statement regarding craters true-------facial & lingual walls equal,anterior 2 times more than posterior.
77-connective tissue most common tumor-------fibroma.
78-fibroblast which is not true—rbc precursors,thick clot is formed so fibroblast not able to migrate.
79-comparing two proportion test the hypothesis-student ‘t’ test,chi square test, paired test.
80-x-ray contrast is best controlled by------kvp.
81-hair on end appearance seen in all except-pagets disease.
82-in hairy leukoplakia which papillae are elongated---filliform.
83-pathophysiology of endobacterial fluora least possible except ---endotoxin released by living bacteria.
84-school dental nurse is not authorized to do -----take radiograph,oral examination,scaling,topical fluoride.
85-opiod toxicity treatment --------naloxone.
86-transverse rigde connector mesiobuccal and palatal cusp seen in ----primary 2nd molar.
87-skeletal class 2 to improve the condition --------maxillary howley’s appliance with anterior bite plane,serial extraction.
88-rege fede syndrome seen in ---infants ,old,adolescent.
89-best diagnosis for acute pyelonephritis -renal function test ,scar in renal cortex ,fever n flamk pain
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