neet 2013 mds exam

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neet 2013 mds exam

Postby dr.raman » Fri Oct 04, 2013 10:07 pm

hi samria i give few question in neet 2013 exam approx 59 mcq and there ans1.Two teeth apper to be fused clinically but fusion is only by cementum : CONCRESCENCE
2. AmelogenesisImperfecta is due to defect in : ECTODERM
3.Which factor is administered in intracerebral hemorrhage? : FACTOR VII
4.Which factor is present on both serum and plasma? : FACTOR VII
5.Implantation to uterine walls occurs on which day? : 14 DAY
6.All forms extinsic membrane of larynx except...? : CRICOTHYROID
7.which cranial nerve does not carry proprioception from head and neck : CRANIAL ACCESSORY
8.vitamin not involved in tooth dev? : VITAMIN E
9.method of disposal of mercury? : STORE AND REUSE
10.speed of films recommended in I/O radiography? : D AND E
11.strptococcus mutans produces caries becoz : PRODUCE EXTRACELLULAR POLYSACCHARIDES
12.true about simple random sampling : EACH UNIT HAS EQUAL CHANCE OF GETTING SELECTED
13.test of significance to compare means when sample is small n units are independent : UNPAIRED t TEST
14.muscles of mastication are derived from? : FIRST ARCH
15.microorganism most resistant to sterisation? : BACILLUS THERMOPHILUS
16.which is not a mediator of inflammation? : MYELOPEROXIDASE
17.most common malignant tumour of parotid? : MUCOEPIDERMOID TUMOUR
18.which is not an intrinsic muscle of eye? : LEVATOR SUPERIORIS
19.which is not seen in 3rd cranial nerve palsy? : MIOSIS
20.main advantage of zinc phos over GIC :MODULUS OF ELASTICITY
22.chin def., steep mandible angle, chin button less prominent :MANDIBULAR DEFICIENCY
23.Fibre optic intubation not indicated in : PREVIOUS DIFFICULT INTUBATION
24.Vitamin A supplements is what level of prevention : SPECIFIC PROTECTION
25.LA not crossing placenta : CHLORPROCAINE
26.Naf Conc. in Apf gel : 2%
27.most imp factor in calculating drug dosage in children : BODY WEIGHT
28.All are Beta -lactam antibiotics except : SULPHONAMIDES
29.Amoxy+clav : SYNERGISM
30.dissociative anaesthesia : KETAMINE
31.hemophilliac male patient married to normal female.true is :ALL DAUGHTERS WILL BE CARRIERS
32.sterilisation is defined as ESTOYING ALL LIVING ORG
33.major connector in case of tongue tie? : LINGUAL PLATE
34.anteroposterior position of max. ant. teeth in cd affects which sound : F SOUND
35.burning sansation in ant. third of palate in a cd patient: INCISIVE PAPILLA 37.the virus not known to cause oral cancer in childrens : VARICELLA ZOSTER
38.which alloy can not be soldered and welded : Ni-Ti
39.type of wax used during trialinindia during summers :
40.cold bend is done to increase : DUCTILITY
41.working time of gypsum can be increase by: INCREASED W/P RATIO
42.stainless steel is resistent to corrosion due to :Cr
43.solution used in pickling : 50% HCL iron deficiency anemia : INCREASE IN UNSATUARATED FE BINDING CAPACITY
45.more micro organisms are seen on which surface : INTERPROXIMAL
46.pit and fissure sealant should have which property : FLOW WITH LOW VISCOSITY
47.type of hypoxia in whch tissue are incapable of taking oxygen? : ANOXIC ANOXIA
48.patient with h/o draining sinus on the angle of mandible and granules in pus : ACTINOMYCOSIS
49.child with h/o trauma on max. teeth and resultant swelling and infection:
50.child with h/o trauma on max. teeth and resultant swelling and infection
51.nerve involved in claw hands : ULNAR NERVE
52.nerve not involved in rotation of scapula : LEVATOR SCAPULAE
53.pulsation of common carotid artey can be felt at : UPPER BORDER OF THYROID CARTILAGE
54.which is not a pneumatic bone : MANDIBLE
55.protein disappeared on heating at 60 btreappers: BENCE JONES PROTEIN
56.gypsum investment shd not b heated above :70057.most imp in intacanal medicament : ZnO case of reimplantation wht shd b done :WASH WITH SALINE AND REIMPLANT
59.anaesthesia unsafe in dental practice : HALOTHANE
60steep mandible plane angle, reduced chin button, chin def condition is
A true md retrognahia
B apparant md retrognathia>>>>>>

61shortest half life/ shortest acting
A morphine
B remifentanyl>>>>>>
C Fentanyl
D sulfentanyl

62.beta blockers not use with
A Fentanyl
B atracurium>>>>>>>
C morphine
D pethidine

63.intraligamentary injections
A No effect on bd supply of pulp>>>>>>
B bd supply decreases
C bd supply increases
64.hydrodynamic theory
A fluid activates free nerve ending near pulp>>>>>>
B death of odontoblasts
C Odontoblasts migrates deep

65.infants normal jaw relation which is self corrected in later life
A mx prognathic>>>>>>
B md prognathic
C mx retrognathic
D both jaw in same plane plaster working time is manipulated by
A w/p ratio>>>>>>>>>>>
B Use of hot water
C gypsum particles mix
D Mixing time

67.internal resorption without perforation is filled by
A zoe
B amalgam
D All>>>>>>>>

68.CI resorption start at what age
A 4 year
B 5 year>>>>>stem cell differ from progenitor cell
A Can produce many type of cells>>>>>>

69hypontia seen in a/e
A ectodermal dysplasia
B Papillon leffer syndrome - early exfoliation less teeth
C Cleidocranial dysplasia -supernumerary teeth>>>>>>>

aiims nov 2012 -there asked
70.hypodontia present in
A ectodermal dysplasia>>>>
B gardner syndrome fixed with what to prevent decalcification
A GIC>>>>>>>
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