DM 2 doubts 2017 18

DM 2 doubts 2017 18

Postby drshwetaadvani » Sun Jan 29, 2017 3:21 pm

Cellulose liner

Most common way to provide investment expansion is by using a liner in the casting ring .Traditionally asbestose was used .
Non asbestose ring liner used are :
1) Aluminosilicate ceramic liner .
2) Cellulose paper liner .
The aim of using a resilient liner is to
-. allow different types of investmentbexpansion (act as a cushion)
_. facilitate venting during casting procedure.
_. facilitate the removal of the investment block after casting.&. prevent the distortion by permitting the outward expansion of the mold.

Cushioning effect is th way it allows for expansion
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