Doubts In Prosthodontics

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Doubts In Prosthodontics

Postby Gadha Mohanan » Wed Oct 14, 2020 6:59 am

1) under teeth arrangement, in the size of posterior teeth , why is the buccolingual width decreased?
2) Maam can you please explain the following MCQs ( please correct me where im wrong maam )

1)which of the following results from addition of more water, initially to a mix of gypsum products(hemihydrate)?
a) more expansion,more strength, more abrasion resistance
b) more expansion, less strength , less abrasion resistance
c) less expansion , more strength, more strength, less abrasion resistance
d) less expansion, less strength , less abrasion resistance
maam the answer was given (d), maam why isnt (b) the answer, shouldnt more expansion9 hyroscopic expasion) , with high strength occur maam?

2) the most reliable method of recordin centric occlusion when constructing mandibular bilateral distal extension partial denture occluding with natural teeth is t construct a stabilised occlusal rim
a) for madibular master cast and record the relationship with baseplate wax
b) for mandibular master cast and record the relationship with utility wax
c) for mandibular master cast and record the relationship with zinxc oxide eugenol impression paste
d) attached to the fixed partial denture framework and record the relationship with zinc oxide eugenol impression pate
answer was given as (d) , can you expalin this question and answer maam

3)which of the following pontic type never contact the soft tissues lingual to the crest of the ridges:
a) ridge lap pontic
b) modified ridge lap pontic
c) modified saddle pontics
d) all of the above
answer was given as (d) , maam shouldnt it be only modfied ridge lap pontic ?

4)as the denture base settle due to lower ridge resorption , the effects is to make A0 the chin recede, B)eliminate the mentolabial sulcus, C) make the nasolabial sulcus, D)make the chin appear protruded:

a)A and B
b)A and C
c) Band D
d) C and D
answer was given as Band D, maam if an edentulous patient has an apparent prognathic appearance, why do want to make the chin appear further protruded? so shouldnt the answer be A and B?

5)in lateral rotation or laterotrusion , if mandible moves to the right , right condyle is working/laterotrussive condyle and the left condyle is
a) non working mediotrussive ,
b) working mediotrussive
c) non working laterotrussive
d) working laterotrussive
answer was given as (c), shouldnt the answer be (a)?

6) for balanced occlusion , when condylar inclination is increased, the compensating curve should be
a) shallow
b) decreased and flat
c) increased and prominent
d) reversed
answer was given as ( c) , can you please the explain the answer maam

7)three weeks after insertion of a fixed bridge , marked discomfort to heat and cold but not to sweets occurs, the most likely cause is
a) gingival recession
b) unseating of the bridge ,
c) deflective occlusal contacts
d) torsional forces on one abutment tooth
the answer was given as (c) , can you please explain the answer maam

8)if an edentulous patient has torus palatinus, what is the most preferred treatment while constructing a denture
a)relief in denture before insertion
b) relief at the impression stage
c) relief on master cast before packing
d) scraping of the torus on the master cast
the answer was given as ( b) , maam can you explain how is relief provided at the impression stage?
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