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Postby anushi » Sat Feb 18, 2017 12:19 pm

1.type of tertiary dentin formed by newly differentiated or secondary odontoblast is reparative dentin & that by primary odontoblast - reactionary? than how can reparative be the one which forms when dentin tries to heal itself. also than reparative should nt be used for IPC ? also wht is regenerative dentin how it is diff from reparative if both formed from secondary odontoblast? MAM CAN U PLS EXPLAIN THAT? :shock:
2. Pulp development occurs in 8th wk iu but in endo 1 class it was taught 6 wk IU WHT IS CORRECT THEN?
3.Osteodentin formed due to vit A def but vit D ,MTA also influence its formation MAM CAN U PLS EXPLAIN THAT PROCESS?
4. MAM pls also explain RANKL -OSTEOCLAST INTERACTION & markers of bone resorption?
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