Few doubts

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Few doubts

Postby Nithu » Mon Sep 18, 2017 11:00 pm

1. Concetration of a drug in blood is 400micro gm /ml.dosage of drug is 200mg. Volume distribution of drug assuming minite elimination is
A 5 litre
B 0.5 litre
C 2.5 litre
D 3 litre

2. A pt with febrile neutropenia has culture positive for psudomonas aeruginosa which showed inc b-lactamase production. The best antimicrobial therapy is
A ceftazidine n amikacin
B aztreonam n amikacin
C cefpirome n amikacin
D imipenem n amikacin

3.which of d following s not post transcriptional modification of rna
A splicing
B 5- capping
C polyadenylation
D glycosylation
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