AIIMS november2014 paper doubts

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AIIMS november2014 paper doubts

Postby guptashilpi » Tue Sep 19, 2017 4:41 pm conducted in uk about sale of anti asthmatic drug and development of asthma across 15 yrs is
A: cohort
B: case control
C: experimental study
D: ecological study

answer given is a but shouldn't it be d?

Q.height of orthodontic study models
A: 55
B: 70
C: 60
D: 90
answer given is d but isn't it b?

Q.which is not included in index of orthodontic treatment needs (ORTHO)
A: bimax protrusion
B: esthetic
C: cleft lip and palate
D: dental health component
answer given is c but shouldn't it be a? way to determine h.pylori infection is
A: stool examination

B: urea breath test

C: sweat chloride test

mam here the answer given is a but why not b?

Q.mucostatic impression material is
A: impression compound

B: pop

C: zoe

D: dental waxes
answer given is a. why not b?

Q.type 1 impression compound false is
A: even when required in very small quantities it should not be heated in a direct flame

B: uneven kneading of material causes excess water into material and causes increase flow

C: according to ADA it is also called type 1 compound

D: it should be manipulated in a water bath

answer given is b but Philips says that it can be heated on why not a?

Q.injection of la with adrenaline when enters in to vessel what appears first (MONHEIMS)
A: hypotension with bradycardia

B: hypotension and tachycardia

C: hypertension ,bradycardia

D: hypertension, tachycardia
answer given is d but why not a?

midpalatine split occurs in lefort 1 osteotomy when maxilla is moved in which plane
A: anteroposterior

B: tranverse

C: inferior

D: superior
answer given in c but shouldn't it be b? to check midline shift of maxillary central incisors
A: retract lower lip and check for labial frenum

B: retract upper lip and check for labial frenum

C: check incisors in line with center of nose

D: pa cephalogram
andwer given is c but why not d? chronic gingivits which cell is not involved
A: lymphocyte

B: plasma cells

C: neutrophill

D: macrophages
answer given is d but c??

Q.a patient has large tongue, flat nose, unusual shaped skull. He also has enlarged liver and spleen. What is the reason
A: proteus syndrome

B: beckwith weidmen syndrome

C: hypothyroidism

D: hurler syndrome
isn't it b?

Q.which helps lysozyme in phagocytosis (PATH)
A: nadph oxidase

B: superoxide dismutase

C: catalase

D: peroxidase
given answer is d but why not a?

Q.organisms present in rapidly progressing gingivitis or periodontitis (PERIO)
A: pg ,tf

B: pg, aa

C: capnocytophjaga, pg

D: aa and capno
answer given is d but why not b?

Q.which are not seen in megaloblastic anemia
A: pro ovalocytes

B: howell jolley bodies

C: reticulositosis

D: spherocytosis
answer is d but why not c?

Q.% of increase in birth wt from birth till first birthday is
A: 0.5

B: 1

C: 2

D: 3
answer is d but why not c?

Q.infant mortality rate does not include (COMM D)
A: post neonatal deaths

B: early neonatal death

C: still births

D: late neonatal deaths
answer is d but why not c mam??
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