aiims may 2014 paper doubts

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aiims may 2014 paper doubts

Postby guptashilpi » Tue Sep 26, 2017 12:05 am

Q. IgE is released from surface of?
A: Mast cell

B: Lymphocytes

C: Pro T cells

D: NK cells

Q. 40 years old lady presents with ameloblastoma ¡n mandibular molar region.Histopathologicalfeatures reveal....AIIMS NOV 2012
A: Centralloose tissue with mitotic figures

B: Peripheralpalisading cells with central loose stellate reticulum

C: Peripheralpalisading cells with artifact strorna

D: Centralpalisading cells which fails to differentiate

Q. The tooth with epithelial structure at level of the alveolar gingiva ¡n two month old child without any radiographic evidence of roots. Treatment is?
A: Surgically remove it under LA

B: Let it remain as it is future tooth and root formation occurs at around 6months

C: Preserve it and ressure the parents

D: Extract if mobile under GA

answer given is c but cant it be b mam?

Q. The bending of orthodontic wire at room temperature is an example of?
A: Strain hardening

B: Strain flexure

C: Ductility

D: Annealing
answer given is a but why not b mam?

Q. In a stainless steel crown on a deciduous molar with overhanging margins, gingival pain andinflammation occurs due to:....AIPG 2012
A: Plaque retention

B: Excesscement

C: Crown margins causing irritation

D: Engaging undercut
answer given is a but why not c mam?

Q. Preventive resin restorations (PRR) are used ¡n:...AIPG 2012
A: Non-cavitated pit and fissures

B: Cavitated fissures which requires retoration

C: Deep caries to preventprogress of lesion

D: Wide cavity to prevent cuspfracture
answer given is b but why not a mam?

The difference in heights of children in two different classes of school was studied, Which simple test will you use to test the significance of difference of proportions in the heights of children is:
A: Paired T test

B: Unpaired T test

C: Chi square test

D: Anova
answer given is b but why not student t test mam?

Q. A patient admitted to an ICU is on central venous line for the last one week. He is on ceftazidime and amikacin. After 7 days of antibiotics he develops a spike of fever and his blood culture is positive for grani positive cocci in chains, which are catalase negative. Following this, vancomycin was started but the culture remained positive for the same organism even after 2 weeks of therapy. The most likely organism causing infection is - (AIIMS May 06, AIIMS Nov 06, AI 07)
A: Staphylococcus aureus

B: Viridans streptococci

C: Enterococcus faecalis

D: Coagulase negative Staphylococcus

Q, Metallic oxides are ¡n added in porcelain for all except
A: Impart colour

B: Cosmetic purpose

C: Increase strength

D: Improve bonding
here the answer given is the answer in the next question should be d mam?
Q. Metal oxides used in porcelain
A: to improve strength

B: To improve bonding with porcelain

C: Impart colour

D: All of these
here the answer given is c mam.

Q. In a study done for the evaluation of prevalence of caries in a given population, the ratio of its standard deviation to the mean of data will be called: (AIPG 2011)
A: Coefficient of variance

B: Standard error of mean

C: Standard error of variance

D: None of the above
answer given is a but why not b mam?
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