aiims november 2013 paper doubts

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aiims november 2013 paper doubts

Postby guptashilpi » Tue Sep 26, 2017 12:20 am

Q. breast milk contains which essentaial fatty acid
A: Lenoloic acid

B: Palmitic acid

C: Docosahexanoic acid

D: Arachidonic acid
answer given is a mam.

Q. The organism associated with pyrexia of unknown origin
A: salmonella tyhi

B: salmonella paratyphoid type

C: brucella

D: mycobacterium avium
answer given is c mam.

Q. Hypertonic solutions are used in all except
A: Burns

B: brain injury patient

C: prolonged bowel surgery

D: type 4 shock
answer given is c but why not d mam?

Q. 2010 Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care guideline does not include
A: Atropine for asystole

B: Ask for help for witnessed or non witness case

C: Defibrillation when indicated should be given at the maximum strength available.

D: cardiac massage to be done after defibrillation without waiting to assess rhythm
answer given is d but why not a mam?

Q. In bells palsy, which one of the duct is blocked
A: Stensons

B: Whartons

C: Nasolacrimal

D: Lacrimal
answer given is d but why nit a mam?

Q.In mechanical trituration of amalgam, what is adversely affected?
A: Hardness of the filling

B: Tarnish resistance

C: Final gloss of filling

D: Working time
answer not given.

Q. self correcting anomaly at 9 yrs ARE ALL except
A: Ugly duckling,

B: Lower ant crowding,

C: Open bite,

D: End on molar relation
answer given is c but why not b mam?

Q. LA is deposited in infralveolar nerve block near
A: coronoid notch

B: sigmoid notch

C: groove of mandibular nerve

D: lingual nerve
answer given is c mam.

Q. ester LA is contraindicated in:
A: pseudocholinesterase difficiency

B: cougalatiin disorders

C: diabetic neuropathy,

D: hyperparathyroidism
answer given is a mam.

Q. patient taking steroid undergoing oral surgery is given prior medication of
A: Steroid

B: Antibiotics

C: Antihistamines

D: Adrenaline to prevent shock
answer given is a mam.

Q. split lingual bar is not preferred in contemporary partial denture, major disadvantage is
A: Complex design

B: Entrapment of tissues

C: Inadequate retention

D: Inadequate stability
answer given is b mam but why not a mam?
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