aiims may 2013 paper doubts

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aiims may 2013 paper doubts

Postby guptashilpi » Tue Sep 26, 2017 1:54 pm

Q. All of the following drugs causes gingival hyperplasia except?
A: Bleomycin

B: Sodium valproate

C: Carbamezipne

D: Verapamil

Q. Lithium interferes with non depolarizing muscle relaxant should be stopped how many days before surgery
A: 1

B: 2

C: 3

D: 4

Q. True about use of midazolam over diazepam in sedation is all except (AIPG 2012)
A: Less thrombophlebitis due to low solubility in blood

B: More plasma binding and less toxicity

C: More potent than diazepam

D: Binds to benzodiazepine receptors with 3-4 times more avidity

Q. Collum angle is seen in which of the following conditions
A: Class II div II

B: Class II div I

C: Class III cases

D: Bimaxillary protrusion

Q. All of the following assumptions are considered true when doing space analysis for calculating space discrepancy except?
A: All permanent teeth will develop normally

B: Correlation between the size of mandibular incisor and succedaneous teeth

C: Prediction table most valid for all population

D: Arch dimension remain stable throughout the growth

Q. Moyers classification Type D class II malocclusion is -
A: Retrogntahic maxilla ,retrognathic mandible •

B: orthognathic maxilla ,retrognathic mandible

C: retrognathic maxilla ,orthognathic mandible

D: Orthognathic maxilla, orthognathic mandible

Q. Which of the following has a little significance?
A: Mandibular incisor erupting before mandibular molar

B: Mandibular canine erupting before mandibular premolar .

C: Mandibular 2 PM erupting before mandibular 2 molar

D: Maxillary. Premolar and canine erupting before maxillary 2nd molar

Q. To predict the Occurrence of caries in a 10-year-old child, which of the following gives best result?
A: Sibling caries

B: Mothers caries

C: Previous caries experience

D: Snyders test

Q. In order to prevent pigmentation via tetracycline, it is not given before the age
A: 3 years

B: 8 yrs

C: 12yrs

D: 5 years

Q. Occupational exposure of radiation to dentist is ?
A: 100 miliroentgen /week

B: 10 roentgen /week

C: 100 Roentgen /week

D: 300 roentgen /week

Q. A patient comes with complain of headache, nausea, tenderness over temporal region; diagnosis is?
A: Aneurysm

B: Granulomatous giant cell lesion

C: Giant cell arteritis

D: Not recalled

Q. Pre clinical consideration of endodontic flare up is ?
A: Acute apical periodontitis

B: Acute apical abscess

C: Necrosed pulp having periapical lesion

D: Patient having pain and swelling

Q. Caries associated with pre eruptive enamel hypoplasia?
A: Secondary caries

B: Chronic caries

C: Occult caries

D: Incipient caries
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