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1)Which one of the following statements about influence of smoking on risk of coronary heart disease (CHD)is not true?

A: Influence of smoking is independent of their risk factors for CHD.

B: Influence of smoking is only additive to other risk factors for CHD.

C: Influence of smoking is synergistic to other risk factors for CHD.

D: Influence of smoking is directly related to number of cigarettes smoked per day.

ans is b. even b appears true for me. pl explain.

2)Total cholesterol level = a+b (calorie intake) + c (physical activity) + d (body mass index ); is an example of:

A: Simple linear regression

B: Simple curvilinear regression

C: Multiple linear regression

D: 4 Multiple logistic regression

ans is c. what is multiple linear regression ? pl explain

3) an eg of primary prevention--
a) scaling, polishing, filling
b) ext, rct, perio surgery
c) wearing gloves & sterlisation of ins
d) replacement of lost teeth, ortho Rxs
ans is c. why cant it be A because its plaque control prog comes under primary prevention

4)blinding is term used in
a) analytical studies
b) experimnental studies
c) non analytical studies
d) all

ans is all. blinding is done in RCT where pt or doctor dont know whether placebo or drug is given. how can it be analytical or obsevational studies?
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